Small Groups

Groups meet in various homes around the city, in Saltyard and the church once a week. We aim to encourage people to grow in their faith at all stages of life.


Everyone is welcome to join a house group if you are not in one already!


Small groups start each year in September after a summer break. Each group meets to study the Bible, discuss different themes/topics and pray for each other and different issues in the church and around the world.  We usually discuss Sunday’s sermon, looking at notes prepared by the Minister.  Some groups also have social events and are involved in helping with the occasional evening service or other church event.


If you’re new to the church and would like a bit of a taster first, we meet once a month for some food and prayer, usually on the first Wednesday of the month in Saltyard. This term we are gathering for a fellowship meal starting at 7pm so doors open at 6.45pm.  For members and regular attendees, small groups run throughout the week, see our handy chart on your left. An evening group usually runs from around 7.30pm until 9.15pm.


We have five groups running in different parts of the city, again, see our handy chart to your left!


We believe that God has given us each different gifts and we are all unique. However, we also believe that God wants us to live together in fellowship and community. It can be hard to have “real conversations” on a Sunday after Church, so small groups are an ideal way of getting to know people better. Small groups also help us get to know God, the Bible and ourselves in more depth and can be a real support and place to grow friendships with other believers.

If you would like more info, speak to small-group coordinator elder, Susan Kay, or contact us on the email link below.