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GDS Diadem

GDS Diadem is our name for the set of church buildings on the corner of Gorgie Road and Chesser Avenue. Formerly known as Stenhouse St.Aidan's church, these buildings, constructed between 1912 and 1935 consist of two large halls, a sanctuary, two meeting rooms and a kitchen. 

GDS Diadem came to local fame in 2018 when the sanctuary had a shower-block added and was converted internally to house 75 beds for the Bethany Care Shelter.

While that chapter has now closed, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we look forward to seeing what God has planned for these buildings moving forward.

Below you can find out how to hire the halls at GDS Diadem and watch a video with more detail about their architectural history. 

GDS Diadem History

Hire a Hall

GDS Diadem has halls and rooms available for regular hire (weekly, fortnightly, monthly).

Edgar Hall: Up to 60 seated- £16.50/hr

New Hall: Up to 100 seated - £22/hr

Small Hall: Up to 20 seated - £10/hr

Meeting Room: Up to 10 seated - £10/hr


Use of the kitchen is included in above prices, but by arrangement only.

Email to find out more.

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