At GDS Church we are very aware of the fact that we are responsible for an extremely large, populous and diverse parish - one of if not the largest in Edinburgh by area. We are the decedents of no less than 7 original worshiping congregations in this area and we carry on their service to this community into the 21st Century.

Our services blend contemporary and traditional worship in an informal but respectful atmosphere that prioritises church as family - in so doing, we seek to make a space in which anyone in our parish can feel comfortable  and able to meet with God and worship freely, regardless of their background.

As a member of the Church of Scotland, we are part of the largest Christian denomination in Scotland and offer marriage, baptism and funeral services to anyone residing within our parish, whether they are members or not.


As Christians, we believe that God:

- Created us, the universe, all that is seen and unseen - Everyone and everything. In Him we 'live and move and have our being'.

- Knows us, warts and all, inside and out, our hopes, our dreams, our fears, our failures - and desires that we know Him in return.

- Greives for us, His children gone astray, who have chosen to live without him, to live with a hole in our souls - ever seeking, never finding.

- Loves us, in spite of our faults and failings, enough to give up eternity for us, to endure torture and death for us, even death on a cross. 

- Is mighty, enough to save us, even from ourselves - enough to heal our hearts - enough to bring us home -  enough to conquer death.

- Achieved all this through Jesus Christ, his life, ministry, death, resurrection and ascension - A Salvation Plan, older than time.

- Remains with us, even today, as comfort, guide and power through his Holy Spirit - working still through those who welcome Him.

- Did all this to restore our broken relationship with Him, so that we might be reunited with him in eternity, in a world made new.

- Is relentless in love, endless in patience and boundless in mercy.

As Christians, we believe in Hope. Hope for you, your family, your neighbours, your friends, your enemies - Everyone. This is Good News.


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Julia Cato
Locum Minister

" I am so grateful for the warm welcome I have received as I begin my journey with you at Gorgie Dalry Stenhouse Church. While searching for my first Call, I am enjoying ministry as a Locum Minister and served first at Bristo Memorial Church in Craigmillar before coming across town to join GDS. I look forward to our journey together and getting to know one another as individuals and as Christ’s church in this world."


Bettina Hather

Children, Youth & Families Outreach Worker

" My name is Bettina, the Children, Youth & Families Worker here at GDS Church-  for Tinies to Teens, parents & carers, volunteers and young people; you are all welcome. "  - Bettina joined the GDS Church Staff Team in January 2020 . In her role she oversees all aspects of our  ministry that focus on children, young people and their parents/guardians.

Henry Hudson

Community Outreach Worker

" Henry joined the Ministry Team in December 2020.  Henry worked as a children’s and youth worker in the west of Edinburgh, then studying Theology at the International Christian College in Glasgow. Subsequently Henry lived in India for three years, where he was involved in community projects. Henry is working to develop partnerships with third sector organisations, to help build bridges between the Church and the Parish"

Tricia Kingston

Session Clerk

Tricia has served as our Session Clerk for many years, just like her father before her. What Tricia doesn't know about GDS Church isn't worth knowing. Among office-bearers in the Church of Scotland, the Session Clerk has long been seen to occupy a position of special significance. To the minister the Session Clerk is his or her "right hand  person". To the congregation the Session Clerk is the person who, more than any other, embodies the congregation, and is the link between it and the minister.

Gordon Cooney


" I've been GDS Church's 'admin guy' since November 2015. If you  email or call the church during the week it will probably be me on the other end, and you can find me in the church office most days 9-5. If you work as a volunteer in our church and find your ministry or activities involve administrative work that you don’t have the time or skills for, do not hesitate to get in touch. I'm always happy to help."

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190-192 Gorgie Road, EH11 2NX

158 Dalry Road, EH11 2HB

537-539 Gorgie Road, EH14 1TA

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