Community Music

Music provides an opportunity for people to express their deepest feelings, desires and passions. Through the ministry of our community musician, we provide people the chance to share, experience and develop that passion.

Songs that Wonder

Monthly - Thursday

7 for 7.30pm


Musicians support each other at open mics and at gigs, and write about heart matters. There's a hunger for truth-seeking and truth-telling, though not necessarily a drive to go seeking it through sanctuary doors.


So we have started another open mic that filled a slightly different role – instead of beers at the bar; a welcome of Saltyard coffees, baked goods, and sofas. And, instead of songs chosen on a whim; how about an invitation to share songs that put us in a quiet zone; that count life's wonders and cause us to reflect; that explore the unlikely places where God meets us?


It turns out there are quite a few songs about these scenarios, and Songs That Wonder is the place where musicians can bring them to the forefront.

Worship Nights

Arranged to suit the season


Sometimes we need to step back from our activities, from our task list, from our constant reminder to do something - and sit, be still, and know that he is God.

Our worship nights are aimed to do just that. To allow a chance to listen to some new styles and experiences of worship, to take a chance to showcase our skills (even though they may be a little rusty)  and to gather as God's people - without pressure - and reflect on his majesty.



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