Community Outreach

When Gorgie Dalry and Stenhouse St Aidan's merged, one of the exciting initiatives which resulted was the appointment of a Community Outreach Worker, with the aim of extending the church out of the main buildings and in to the community within which GDS Church resides.


This work has been mainly based around the Stenhouse facility, which has now been renamed GDS Diadem. 


The main outcome of this outreach is the development of a partnership between Diadem and Bethany Christian Trust to pursue a goal of creating a permanent night shelter to meet the growing needs of those who find themselves without a home. This project commenced with an initial pilot from December 2018 through to the spring of 2019. It  provided a facility for beds (yes real ones!) for upto 75 homeless people, with access to showers and toilet facilities in that and the subsequent 2019-2020 season until the COVID-19 Pandemic forced the shelter to move into unused hotel accommodation to  maintain social distancing.