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Families on Sundays

Making families with children and young people feel welcome and included in church is a top priority for us. As well as providing breakout spaces and activities for children and young people, we also have some seating at tables in our main space with crafts and other resources on them to help families engage with our worship. 

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Join our Team

Sadly Bettina cannot be in two places at once! So, she is always very grateful for volunteers who are willing to help her in her outreach to children and young people. If you feel like you have gifts and talents to share in this area, please do get in touch with Bettina using the button below. 

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Saltyard Stories

'Saltyard Stories' - 10am Fridays starting 29th April.

Bring the wee ones along for a story & meet new friends at Saltyard Cafe. Bettina, GDS Family & Children's Worker, works with families, children & young people in the local & church communities; newbies or old friends.

Usually to be found at Saltyard Thursdays & Friday mornings.