What is Christianity?

We believe that there is a single Creator God, who brought this earth into being and created mankind to work in partnership with Him to bring about a glorious way of living.

Unfortunately, mankind chose to walk away from this partnership, preferring to go it alone. This grieved God, who tried many ways to restore that relationship. The final stage in the restoration was accomplished when he sent his only Son, Jesus, to both show us how to live, but to also take on himself the punishment for  our disobedience. This he achieved through dying on the cross at the hands of the Romans.

After that death, Jesus showed us his and God's ultimate power, when he defeated death and rose again, showing himself to many people who passed on the good news to their neighbours. 

There will come a day when Jesus will return, and at that point the ultimate war against the evil we see so much in our lands will be defeated. We hope that you will receive this good news and be one of those who are on the winning side.

But don't take our word for it, if you are intrigued, and want to know more, why not check out some of the resources listed below.

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