Small Groups

The advantages of being in a small group for Bible study, prayer and support are tremendous. Many of us can testify that the trust and love which is generated through such a group can be life-changing. On the first Wednesday of the month there is generally a Fellowship Meal at Saltyard which all small groups are encouraged to attend. Housegroups are open to new members and we encourage all regular members of the congregation to consider joining one. Email to find out more.

- Mon. 7.30pm (Venue: Anne and George Amos, Oxgangs)
- Wed.7.30pm (Venue: Saltyard, Dalry)
- Thurs. 10.30am-11.30am (Venue: GDS Gorgie, Gorgie)
- Thurs. 7.30pm (Venue: Saltyard, Dalry)
- Thursday 7.30p.m. (itinerant venue)
- Thursday 12.30pm-1pm Apologetics study group (Saltyard)