What is GDS Church's Vision?

We have been moving steadily over the years to becoming a Church that is real. We have seen a growing trust and openness amongst us developing and there is a real desire to be honest with each other and supportive of one another.

What do we do for young people?

Our work with young people is led by a full time member of staff, who organises many events that appeal to all ages of our young people.

What is Christianity?

We believe that there is a single Creator God, who brought this earth into being and created mankind to work in partnership with Him to bring about a glorious way of living.

What do we do for the Community?

Our work with the community is co-ordinated by a full time member of staff. 

The work being undertaken is based out of Diadem, which is undergoing transformation to help meet the needs of the community.

What do we do for all ages?

We are a Parish Church of Scotland in the centre and south West of Edinburgh.

We provide a range of worship services, and opportunities for fellowship for all ages.